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What is Mundo Marino?

Mundo Marino is a non-profit foundation committed to preserving marine biodiversity and educating future generations on the importance of protecting wildlife. With its visitors’ financial contribution, Mundo Marino helps sea animals that need professional attention and guarantees the preservation of those species.

Why choose Mundo Marino?

With your ticket, you help Mundo Marino finance the rescue and preservation of wild species.

Mundo Marino currently shelters more than 50 marine mammals, more than 80 birds, and several fishes and other coastal animals, and you can visit all of them! You will learn about their lifestyles and even unveil some of their secrets.

You will witness some of the most amazing shows on Earth: a male orca interacting with his trainers, a dolphin jumping show, and a hilarious performance by sea lions to name some.

You will visit a safari where many animals such as capuchin monkeys, antelopes, swans, and deer walk freely.

This is an excellent activity for families and kids.


Is transportation included?

Yes. Our buses will pick you up at a meeting point. Once the tour ends, they will drop you off at key locations in the centre of Buenos Aires.

What time are they going to pick me up at the meeting point?

We will pick you up between 05:00 and 05:20 AM.

Meeting point: Carlos Pellegrini 651

Please, wait for the bus at the meeting point at the above-mentioned time.

What is the duration of the tour? 

This tour has an average duration of 17 (seventeen) hours.

Is lunch included?

No. It is not included, but we will make a stop for lunch. 

I have children with me, can I bring them?

Yes. This activity is for all ages.

I have children with me, do they pay the same fare as adults? 

No. Children between 0 and 2 do not pay any fare. Children between 3 and 10 pay child fare. 

There is someone with limited mobility in my group, can they take part in this activity? 

Unfortunately, our means of transport do not have the required accessibility for people in wheelchairs.


The e-voucher will be sent to your e-mail a few hours after payment confirmation.

This tour starts at 05:15 AM on Saturdays.


FREE cancellation until 6 days before the beginning of the activity.